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Biofield Assesment


Aside energy in cells, energy around the body and within the organs and systems of the body, there are a number of subtle energy centres and pathways. We can now scan these as another indication of good flow & balance of frequencies and energies.

The Aura Video Station (AVS) is a sophisticated biofeedback device and camera.
Although similar in nature to the Kirlian style photography you may have seen at mind-body-spirit expos, this system provides a greater level of analysis and information.

Kirlian photography is momentary and uses a single data point or snapshot to generate its image. The AVS uses video and a Galvanic Skin Response interface to collect data over a 60 second period which is then processed using a complex algorithm to aggregate the results into a 17 page report.

With our use of later generation technologies, we aim to provide you with a greater level of accuracy & results.

We also use a Biofield Viewer as another way of looking at subtle energy movement. This system allows us to review the flow and distortion of light in and around the body highlighting problematic areas. This is perceived to be the latest technological advancement in this field.

As the subtle energy fields such as chakra are light orientated these may also be seen with this tool. At present there is no automated reporting for Biofield and this requires a personalised interpretation (similar to a X-Ray or CT scans), for which I am trained to do.

These systems are used to provide greater visibility of the state of your energy body and are not used to correct imbalances or blockages identified.