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My Other Projects

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Hello and welcome to my creative and projects space.

I continually enjoy collaborating with other people, I find this a great way for me to assimilate knowledge, continue to extend myself and leverage my business skills and entertain both my creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Although these activities are not directly related to my services and research. I love to network, socialise and be inspired.

Maybe we can create together? Be that for fun, for financial gain or to support being in service and education for others? I like you, Im guessing, probably have the some similar goals of happiness, health, relationship, family connection and financial independence, maybe theres a synergistic project

I am a creative thinker who can help you get your result out the door, my programs delivery gives me the skill to Vision, Plan and Deliver, my years coachng staff and business coaching means that I have a good blend of Creativity and Accomplishment skills to get outcomes.

I still work regularly as an educator, consultant, creative director/contributor to theme festivals, create performances, immersive installations, support practitioners implement tools and build their practices.

I am actively involved in two businesses presently in addition to providing personal services and regularly perform at festivals and offer public sessions/experiences to large groups up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Please take a look at the menu links to these Luminaya and Healing Hertz



Alex Grey Tour Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony for visionary artist Alex Grey's Australian Tour in Melbourne Alex Grey more of his amazing work at click here more info

Bodhi Festival Visual Decoration

Art and light sculpting of the performance space at Bodhi Festival Newcastle and Visual Media to support local and internatonal artists more info

Macquarie Telecom Corporate Event

Guided open eye visualisation and meditation for a corporate visioning and strategy weekend. An interesting mix of visuals and soundscapemore info

Uplift Festival Sound Bath

Opening morning with sound healing and visual journey to set the scene for many international evolutionary leaders, scientists, visionary activists ,indigenous elders, musicians and poets in a 4 day celebration of Conscious Evolution b more info

Luminaya Art On Sufboard

Art meets the surf

Tremor In The Force Sound Journey

A collaboration and fusion of Didge and Gong working with the Dream Drone and Healing Hertz team to offer and public sound relaxation experience

Visit website

Shamanic Ceremony Collaboration

A shamanic earth ceremony with Aurelien Floret , Myself, Peter Bowden and Chrissie Charley

2012 Eclipse Festival Dome

Creation of a chill out and Geodesic domed performance space for the Eclipse Festival Cairns

T-shirts With Shanti Spirit

A collaboration between Richard, Aurelien Floret and myself to bring festival wear to life.

Luminaya Visual Journey

A meditative journey utilising sacred art and sound for personal relaxation sessions or corporate event

Coalessence Collaboration

A collaboration of sacred dance, sound generation , sound healing with gongs , meditation and visuals

Musical and Meditation Wedding

A musical creation and meditation for wedding ceremony


A collaboration withAndrew Simpson for a new print to order custom mobile phone case website.