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The future is not what it used to be

Detox & The Rise of Energetic Imbalance

As a part of building new protocols and approches to supporting people healing journey, I spent 12 months 2013 through November 2014 working with one of Australia's highly regarded naturopaths., Sarah Foley of White Lotus Cleansing

Specialising in juice and water fasting, fertility, raw food, cancer support therapy, weight loss, stress and burnout, energy and information medicines and offering the flexibility and in addition offering Personalised Detox Programs in the Byron Bay area

Sarah has been foundational force behind her prior business venture Byron Bay Detox Retreats and the creator of the programs at the infamous GAIA retreat in the Byron hinterland

During this time I made the following observations that may be of interest you and hopefully will entice you to consider Eneregtic Detox to your own wellnes program.

The Rise of Energetic Imbalance

We noticed more and more clients presenting new complex conditions or not being able to shift persistent problems.

Your wellness today is also impacted by additional 21st Century pressures and lifestyle. In today’s society we are under continual bombardment of chemical toxicity and energetic electro smog (e.g modified foods, cleaning products, insecticides, Wi-Fi, cell phones, computers, Plasma TV’s etc). These things are somewhat unavoidable but are becoming more frequent and common, so we now need to look more than ever at ways to additionally detox and give ourselves support.

These chemicals, energies and frequencies influence our brainwaves, mood, thinking, physical biorhythms and in essence put us under perpetual stress. In simple terms these forced imbalances hold us in an ‘on edge’ state that interferes with our body’s normal capacity and reduces opportunity to access to our innate rejuvenating/parasympathetic healing cycle.

This is why we ask you to consider energetically detoxing along side your physical detoxing.

Field energies and waves a laypersons overview?

Field energies are a natural phenomenon and can be likened to weather patterns in nature. These energies are driven artificially predominantly by our society’s technological, chemical and biotech advancements.

They in turn affect waves patterns around us and within our body. These waves are measured as frequencies, also known as Bio-rhythms, relating to the whole body and its building blocks eg. Cells, Organs, Systems of the body etc. As an example of this in nature would be the waves at the beach being influenced by the wind & tide.

Different parts of the body have their own individual vibrational frequency which can be distorted internal by irregularities in cellular make up, or by external influences.

For more info on field energies, goggle ‘the science of cosmometry’.

What do we look for and how do we change things?

We measure your cells, systems, organs and body against a normal state to gain a starting baseline. We identify areas of imbalance / distortion and we then influence those fields and waves through homeopathic style infoceutical subatomic drops, light/plasma, magnetic, or electro-frequency energetic transmission to your body.

The energetic exchange, regardless of type, is the catalyst or a direct push within your body to move things back into its natural vibrational state or its healing zone.

There is no single transmission solution for the complexity of the human body, and different parts of the body respond to different transmission types or parts of the frequency spectrum. As there is no prescriptive approach known, we use a variety of equipment to transmit in a multitude of forms (light, colour, magnetic, auditory, electrical). This is unique to the technology solution that we offer.

How will I know if I need it?

For now, without a scan and the scientific mumbo jumbo, we will ask you to carry out some self-assessment and relate to the word Disease.

‘Dis-ease’ is the recognition of something not being in harmony within ourselves. Body aches and pains, blockages, general inertia or lethargy are indicators that our body is not in a state of ‘ease’. We are each our own best barometers of what’s happening in our bodies. To self assess, review yourself against the statements below…

“I feel sluggish” – Some aspects of you are vibrating at a slower pace than the norm and need rebalancing to go faster.
“I feel frantic” – Some aspects of you are vibrating too fast and need rebalancing to go at slower pace.
“I feel scattered” – Parts of us are not aligned and working in unison.
“Nothing’s flowing” – There is no flow of energy because of a distortion or blockage that we would clear.
“I’m just a bit flat” – Some of your frequencies are out of tune or cycle and need to be put back in tune.
“That person, people or place, just zapped all my energy” – The resonant frequency of a place or person has brought your frequency to imbalance.

If you resonate with any of the above statements, then it is likely energetic / vibrational rebalancing could be advantageous to you.

The scanning technologies I offer can provide more information on the underlying causes of the above states, giving you a better understanding of what’s really going on for you.