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Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions

Symplicty Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd or Stephen Syms products and services are sold for learning, self-improvement and simple relaxation. No statement contained in this site, and no information provided by any employee, should be construed as a claim or representation that these products are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any other medical condition. The information contained in this site is deemed to be based on reliable and authoritative report. However, certain persons considered experts may disagree with one or more of the statements contained here. Symplicty Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd or Stephen Syms assumes no liability or risk involved in the use of the products or services described here. We make no warranty, expressed or implied, other than that the material conforms to applicable standard specifications.

The publisher does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information or the consequences arising from the application, use, or misuse of any of the information contained herein, including any injury and/or damage to any person or property as a matter of product liability, negligence, or otherwise. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made in regard to the contents of this material. No claims or endorsements are made for any drugs or compounds currently marketed or in investigative use. This material is not intended as a guide to self-medication.

The reader is advised to discuss the information provided here with a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or other authorized healthcare practitioner and to check product information (including package inserts) regarding dosage, precautions, warnings, interactions, and contraindications before administering any drug, herb,radionics tool,or supplement discussed herein.

Stephen Syms, Symplicity Australia Pty Ltd and its employees consider themselves as facilitators of information transfer. We read and study many books and original scientific research reports on many different subjects. We also look at many products and healing devices in our search for good outcomes. The quality information we discover we then try to share with others. So our aim is to transfer this knowledge. The information we provide is NOT meant to be medically prescriptive. Any attempt to diagnose and/or treat any medical condition should remain the responsibility of a qualified and licensed health practitioner. We believe that those with health problems should always consult their health practitioner on any matters dealing with nutrition, exercise or any other health-improving strategies. We repeat, we are only facilitators of information transfer concerning natural and traditional medicines, food supplements and modernised bioelectrical devices. We are not responsible for any injuries or illness arising from misuse of this information, products provided, or equipment.

We advise everybody to seek proper medical advice prior to making any lifestyle changes. We also believe that you, the readers, are ultimately responsible for your own health and that you ought to make your own decisions about any health matters.

Some of the our complementary health products and bio-electrical devices that we utlise are not approved by the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA), Australia’s regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices. This effectively prevents us from making any medical claims which may suggest we have found a treatment, even a cure, for any ailments. You must make your own decisions. All of devices that we use for treatments are TGA approved and we have gone to great lengths to train and attain the approprite device for use with you. On occasion additional information or biomarkers will be collectd using non approved devices, this is only adding to the information used when we are working with you with the approved devices

All we can do is suggest that if your current medications are losing their effectiveness, then think seriously about trying some of our complementary products. The only thing you could possibly stand to lose is your illness.