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EPRT- Bodihealth – Cellular Electro Regenesis

BODIHEALTH – Cellular Electro Regenesis - Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT)

Cells are the foundational building blocks of the body and all living organisms run on energy, occasionally we run out of energy. If our cells are generically toxic or have poor level of vitality/fitness and charge, it can lead to all or many organs and systems in the body not functioning properly.

Longer term when energy becomes blocked or weakened, the effect on the body results in stress, fatigue and aging. The Bodihealth treatments we offer promote toxin release and generally trickle charge energy into the cells. Energy along side good information allow and supports the systems of the body operate in a optimal way, increasing performance and re-juvination.

I added this treatment to my services as i found many clients were taking supplements and potions to detox and support the bodies natural function but these have to go throuch our digestion and chemocal breakdown before eventually this gets to support the normal cellular energy production and function (ATP). I thought why not work directly with the cells rather than what might by chance get to them.

Carefull deisgn has also gone into EPRT so that the currents ranging from nanoAmperes down to atoAmperes are gentle and aligned with the body's natural energy voltages and that energy systems/twelve energy meridian pathways. Although much of the literature has a Chinese mecicine alignment both early Chinese and Indian Eastern physicians discovered that there is an energy network traversing just below the skin, which communicates from the exterior to the internal organs and structures. This is the modern day implementation of promoting Chi / Prana / Life Force.

The EPRT is applied by to the body via moist foam wraps to either the arms, wrists, feet or ankles, the water assists conduct the current through the body. I use the practitioner level device but it is also possible to purchase your own personalised version which you can wear at work , during workout and you have a good response to these treatments and want to get this benefit ongoing.

For those detoxing this is an great tool with its capacity to donate electrons to neutralise free radicals protecting the body from harmful stress. It assists with reduction of inflammation and swelling, increases circulation and energy, stimulates and promotes lymphatic clearance.

For those with pain and injury reduces and eliminates chronic and acute pain and wound recovery timelines.

“The greatest medical advances of the next decade will come from manipulating the body’s flow of energy.”

Mehmet Oz, M.D., world famous cardiac surgeon, June 2010 – AARP Magazine

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