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The future is not what it used to be

My Background

My Journey and Experiences

From a place of self review I hope to relate to you. I am confident, I can support you to achieve results for yourself in many ways. I have a good sensory acuity and through various corporate roles have worked with many personal development and organisational change techniques. In these capacities, I have focused on emotional intelligence, people profiling and more, to support people and organisations to make transformational changes.

I have also explored and utilised many others approaches, workshops and am an advocate and supporter of the work listed below.

  • Creating Love - An set of courses around co dependence and wounding, shame and relating dynamics.
  • Living love - Based on the masculine and feminine energy work of David Deida
  • Path of love - A unique process promoting connection to your longing to live an authentic life and trusting oneself
  • Hoffman Process - A enquiry into family and origin or traits/patterns and how they can create personal behaviours
  • Avatar Resurfacing - An enquiry into ones thinking, belief structure to review how your living to your true potential
  • Undoing The Ego - An experiential sharing of a course in miracles,how ego and fear show up in our life and how to manage it

  • For deeper personal development, understanding and spiritual development, I travelled to internationaly to experience ashrams, temple life, meditation, yoga, other philosophies and cultures. I have exposure to many techniques and have trained, completed self study or attended as participant activities relating to Enneagram, Family of Origin, NLP, Human Design, Holotropic Breath Work and Mayan Astrology.

    My path into complementary health started and became more focused in 2001 whilst dealing with major illness. My study started with Naturopathy at Naturcare in Sydney for a few years predominately for the purpose self healing. This was not completed and my interest specifically in Biofeedback, Sound/BioResonance, Quantum/Informational medicines

    Modality Certifications

    • SCENAR Biofeedback Devices to Therapist Level 1
    • NES Nutri Energetic System Foundation Level 1 and level 2 training in Australia and the UK
    • NES Mihealth Level 1 and level 2 training in the UK
    • Energy and Information medicine with Drs. Katherine and Thomas Tassioulas and the founders at Australasian Institute of Health & Healing these are electives from for a diploma of energy and informational medicine
    • Sound Healing and Gong Mastery with Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux of of Holistic Resonance USA
    • Life Alignment Energy Medicine - Practitioner Level Body Spin, Vortex Body Alignment Module 1, Vortex Body Alignment Module 2 and both Life Path and Life Map processes.
    • Voice Bio Analysis with Kae Thompson-Liu creator of Voicebio USA
    • Biofield Scanning and Biofield Analysis with Centre of Biofied Sciences (India)

    • Ongoing Research
      I also continue to read, train and research evolving and emerging practices in the following areas
    • BIOField analysis/poly interference photography
    • Rife and Frequency therapy
    • Quantum perspectives on classic medicine, acupuncture and Information medicine
    • New German Medicine, Meta Medicine
    • Magnetic therapy – Pulsed electro magnetic field PEMF
    • Various biofeedback, bio-resonance approaches, voltage therapy –(Jerry Tennant, Scenar)
    • Light Therapies
    • Taosit medicine and vedic chakra medicine energetic interpretation
    • Structured water and energy medicine psychology

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