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Inergetix – Informational Scan & Bioresonance Healing

Inergetix is the most complete system for sound energy, magnetic, electric, plasma and light energy treatment. Inergetix offers the only system that combines informational and energy medicine to find reproducibly client specific frequencies. Energy medicine has suffered lacking a tool that could find frequencies that are resonant with an individual and had to fall back on an energetic allopathic approach by using tables of disease specific frequencies instead.

Alternatively some practitioners use manual and sometimes subjective and time consuming methods like pulse diagnosis, muscle testing, dowsing or diffrenet flavors kinesiology to find the appropriate frequencies. Inergetix offers the first and only software controlled method to find client specific frequencies and areas of resonance for a client in an automated, fast, effective and reproducible way.

As you are aware I am trained in a kinesiology hybrid and I have found the manual process of body enquiry on occasion confusing and most importantly time consuming. The process of scanning of lists and working out the relationship and interdependency of issues can take hours and then leaving limited time in the session to do energetic balances etc, I as a practitioner may have to make the priority call how deep and wide we work on fixes with the time left in the session.

This system takes the guess work out of whats your highest priority and I can be more focused on the task of rebalancing and hopefully bringing you an expedient and focused transition. Its the fastest Kinesiologist I know for finding the issues in the eneregtoc and informational domain relating to you.

The other aspect that I like is that the machine is in no way bias or working getting a quick result based on experience or a quick impressive win withthe client, its impartial and finds the best for you right now and has no ego or investment in the outcome, to me its the most independent honest way to investigate your circumstance.