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NES – Energetic – Scan

NES - Energetic Scan

Driven by personal iIlness the founders have combined many modern approaches alongside some traditional, vedic, taoist/accupuncture outlooks to medicine. This is the third generation of the system focused around physics, energey patterns and it relation to our biology and they have been working for more than 12 years with the electrodynamic fields of the body and doing reserach that contributed to this system for more than 25 years.

Both founders were surely influenced by Dr Robert O Beckers work in the bioelectric science arena, highlighting the elecrical circuits in the body and furthermore and Dr Valerie Hunt's work at the University of California, one of the most know researchers of the Human Body Fields/Biofield.

She for worked for 20 years at defining the fields around living things and was quite probably the first person to give the term Biofield in relation to humans. The electrical currents and fields relate to much older and well know science of Ampère's law which relates to magnetic fields to the electric currents that produce them.

These hidden can be likened to the images below, which represent distortion and unseen magnetic fields
Most significantly we can get a now measure the flow of electricity/energy and for NES, Hunt's work found noncoherent patterns can relate to physical disabilities. Recently Dr Bruce lipton has also extended this reserach to look at the relationship between DNA and the patterns around cells.

When we scan we are probing the QED Quantum Electro Dynamic field , the resonance and coherence of the field gives us an understanding of the texture or distortion of these subtle energies and organised fields. A better term would be the holographic as the fields are actually 3 dimensional in nature.

The measure is made against a constant background hum or biological hum which is continuously present in the body. The diseased or disharmonious structure in the body creates disparity/chaotic patterns against the background hum and from these, a level of interference can be detected or derived. These Biomarlers are what we review to ascertain relationships between pathways, emotional states and physiology.

For this familiar with Accupuntucre, Peter Fraser was initially a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teacher in Australia , some of the measure can be likened to TCM Distortion and the level in specific pathways and fields, which in some cases relate to organs. Remember it is between these organs and via thiese pathways that the regulation of the body is managed through an exchange of information.

We measure the energy as it is the carrier for the information the body, a little ike a data network or the internet. If this is blocked , information transfer and bodily co-ordination can be compromised. Through process of measurement and matching against a database of prior experiments and patient cases this system we can all compare your Biomarkers which gives us a indication to the state of dysfunction of these areas, pathways an potentially look to see where this maybe presenting symptoms or get a trajectory of what may manifest into illness if allowed to stay that way.