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Nutri Energetic System – More Info

What is NES ? Nutri Energetic System

NES Is a complete wellness system incorporating a scanning mechanism, treatment tools, nutritional products and infoceutical drops to aid balancing or regaining aspects of your wellbeing.

Unlike any other health services or products out there, this unique system allows you to both analyze and correlate different aspects of you and gives repeatable testing to see trends and relationships and between some critical areas within the body:

• The flow of energy
• The emotional state
• The energy relating to focal points, organs and otherwise

NES integrates 25 years of research in the fields of physics, quantum biology, mathematics, western medicine and Eastern energetic and esoteric medicine. The result is the first accurate map of the human body-field, which acts as the master control system (like software on a computer).

The complete body and its systems and organs utilise energy and transports information to keep things coordinated. Without energy or the correct information things can go wrong or get out of balance.

NES scans aspects of the body-field and results give us indications of distortion or imbalance in the following areas:

• Big Fields – The body’s alignment with the Earth’s main energy fields (gravity, magnetic polar and equatorial). Misalignment with these fields restricts the body’s ability to maintain optimal health.
• Energetic Drivers - The integrity of the individual sub-fields which energise and regulate each organ and systems in the body.
• Energetic Integrators –The flow in the energetic pathways of information between systems and around the body (related to meridian theory).
• Energetic Terrains – Identifying disturbances that can be linked to the field component of disease-forming microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus etc) and provide an energetically supportive environment for microbial growth.
• Energetic Stars - Similar to Energetic Integrators, this area of the body-field concerns the pathways governing energy usage of specific organ systems.
• Emotions – Highlights of the emotions which may be significant to you as a clients, as detected by Energetic Integrator imbalances.
• Musculoskeletal – Physical shocks recorded in the body field, or pain that has been or is currently being experienced.
• Environmental – The body’s ability to deal with the impact of environmental factors, including insecticides, electromagnetic fields, solvents and heavy metals.
• Intolerance – Indications for the need of specific Infoceuticals to reduce acute re-actions, improve intolerances and aid absorption of nutrients and regulate sugars.
• Nutrition - This reports on the functional integrity of the body-field in relation to the absorption, regulation and metabolism of nutrients.

NES is complementary to other modalities and gives us an additional perspective to help find the missing link to that mystery or chronic long term illness.

At the simplest level, you know when you feel good, you have energy, things are flowing for you and beyond that you have a positive state of mind.

The body has been seen as a chemical & mechanical functioning mass for too long. NES puts the physics (energy & information medicine) back into the biology and provides another perspective of a person’s overall state of wellbeing measured in a scientific way.

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