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SCENAR – Energy and Pain Mgmt

SCENAR stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator (or Regulation), and it is the name given to both the technology as well as the family of devices.

It is holistic in nature and is an energy-healing technologies that helps to activate align, strengthen the natural healing systems in the human body. In supporting increased levels of body communication it promotes a fast recovery from a wide variety of issues.

It is non invasive and supports what you does best , heal yourself naturally. It is a non-drug therapy, it is not painful, it is completely safe, it has no side effects or complications, it can reduce the healing time dramatically

Unlike many of the zappers and hand held devices TENS the one commonly seen on TV, it starts a biofeedback converstaion with the body so its intelligent in ts applcation. It doesnt just blast frequencies at the pain area, it helps us locate the direct and indirect areas of energetic distrburnamce in the body and brings focus on an overall fix.

While in contact with the body it reorganizes the body’s energy resources and directs them where needed;
It can break down existing blockages and kick-starts the bodies healing and adjusts continually whilst in contact and recieving feedback from the body.

Scenar stimulates the nerves via subtle adjustment in the biofeedback impulse from the device it promotes the bodes self regulation and to potentially and restoration . The electromagnetic signal from is designed to be like a nerve signal inturn providing a therapeutic effect via neuropeptides and endorphins

Scenar therapy is an advanced form of electro-neurostimulation and can be ieffective treating many kinds of pain. During treatment, once we locate the area of disturbance, we treat directly on the area of disturbance and nervous system, it feels like a small tingling sensation on the skin.

Scenar is accredited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia for pain relief and resolution