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Sound Healing & Vibrational Medicine

Sound Healing

I have practiced many styles of sound medicine and can offer you private session, group session or a specific immersive expereince to support your healing or corporate event. I have my own style and use many approaches from many schools of thought.

Sound Healing works with resonance; everything form a cell to our whole being is in a state of vibration, our body actually creates sound and can interact with sound. So depending on our area of focus we can choose to interact with the various parts of our body, such as our organs, energy centres(chakra), bones (spine in particular), brain and more.

I work with the principle that of these parts of our body are vibrating in healthy way they will conform to frequency range or in some cases a specific frequency, I call this state “the healing zone or corridor”. The healing zone is where something is in sound spectrum or harmony and operating within a certain range. I say certain range because I am of the belief that because although we know certain cells/organs vibrate at certain frequencies. I am of the belief that if we liken a vibration to a colour that what we get for example is the colour purple in different intensities or shades so to speak.

I therefore feel that its good to try to move the body or organs vibration closer to the colour or spectrum it needs to be as after the body once prompted will take itself to its own or your own natural frequency.

So when our body begins to vibrate at a frequency which is not harmonious, I call this “disease”. Disease because its not vibrating,flowing and in balance. To correct this imbalance I utilise sound in different forms to transform the resonant frequency. this is a process known as entrainment or sympathetic resonance.

In its simplest form, you would have walked in a room full of people where there is a happy vibe and feel uplifted or alternatively walked into a room where you know something has gone down and we say you could cut the air with knife and its suspenseful. This is your body feeling the vibrational state of a room in this instance. This example could additionally be taken down to a cellular level if you like, where instead of a room a group of cells are hanging out together at a party in an organ and vibrate together to create a general vibe of an organ.

I can move the energy/vibe using various tools and instruments, many have been utlised in many ancient traditions and cultures and of course one of the most powerful instruments being the human voice. Furthermore we can use electronic equipment also to introduce frequencies to the body. I personally love both types. Some times I use a cooking analogy and that is that the organic experiences like utilising the gong or bowls , is like eating Granny's pudding that has that special ingredient of Love in it vs the mass manufactured machine processed shake and bake mix .

I ask you which one tastes better??

I am of the personal belief also that sound healing rather than music per say are different. We are used to melody , lyrics and rhythm to entertain our minds, so when we stay away form these there is more opprtunity for us to move to a state of relaxation or meditation.

From this state our bodies will naturally go into re-juvination as well as be in the vibratory spectrum, I talked about earlier. One simple things that can happen is that you will move out of this stressed out mode that we are in almost at every moment in our day, chasing the clock, having to be at the meeting being somewhere thinking about the traffic to get to the next thing and then maybe trying to sleep whilst thinking of all the stuff we need to do tomorrow.

To draw on another analogy and you would have heard maybe the doctors talk about our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system or our fight and flight response. When we are triggered into stress, its like our body re-diverts energy to essential functions in the body, some people think of this as being ready to fight the tiger that comes into the cave in cave man/women times. In being ready to fight we dont need to process the food in our gut, we dont need to releave our self and use the bathroom, we dont worry about the cut on our arm or the ulcer in our mouth , we just need to have explosive power to fight.

Why do I raise this , well think about it, if your highly stressed and if you turn off the gut for example you dont really expel the rubbish or toxin very well and whats more you dont extract the goodness form the food you have eaten very well. This essentially means your not absorbing the goodies that keep you healthy. So to use sound to allow you to de-stress might be one of the best things you can do for yourself along side, hydrate and exercise.

Sounds interesting hey ?

Vibrational Healing

So now your getting the picture of how we interact with frequencies , realise that all things vibrating can be measured as a frequency. The measure is of the wave lengths and the rate that it oscillates at, is know as HERTZ and Im interested in the "HEALING HERTZ".

So with vibration the frequency may be transposed or just running at another level ( a faster or slower rate). You would have heard of the terms Megahertz , Gigahertz , UHF ultra high frequency and so on and you would have seen Xray , Ultra sound and MRI. These are examples of frequencies Magnetic , Sound , Radio.

We also have light, colour, smell an so on and in less technical forms we have crystals that have a vibration or frequency, essential oils and or even the energy coming form our body. Energy healing may be just through touch or close to it with hand over work like Reiki and so on.

In all cases we hope to interact with the body's energies and transpose them to something more healthy or you might say in tune or without disease. There are many benefits to using sound and vibrational therapies and essentially, coming back to how they work I will use the terms such as resonance, entrainment. The body, brain and cells all interact with vibration and the sound medicne I create simply can help get things that are stuck moving again, help break them up because they have become dense, potentially through the body mimicing to get in sync, make the things that are going slow, speed up a bit and those that are going to fast slow down a bit, bringing us back to harmony and balance.

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