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The future is not what it used to be


“I have been facilitating Organic juice fasting detox retreats for the past 7 years at award winning retreats both in Byron Bay and Bali. I offer one of the most holistic detox programs in Australia focusing on up to date Naturopathic Medicine, Hawaiian kahuna healing arts, Ancient tao practises, and Energetic medicine. All of which takes guests through a five to seven day empowering portal of hibernation whereby there physical, mental and soul body is completely transformed and vibrating at a higher frequency with peace, rejuvenation and clarity. The modalities that Steve offers with the NES machine highly complement my Naturopathic consultations, and adds an energetic dimension to the healing of the emotional body that is difficult to access with other physical modalities. The other devices he utilises for healing such as the Scenar machine, Inergetix and lymphatic light beam generator also aid in allowing the physical body to access a deeper level of healing delving into the new realms of Energetic Medicine. An integral part of my program over the years has also been the use of sound vibration with healing sound meditations. This is offered with the various ancient gongs ,crystal bowls and chimes that Steve and Healing Hertz uniquely bring to the program. Guests have experienced differing outcomes such as releasing past traumas, feeling like they have left their physical body travelling through the ether, and the deepest of relaxation and meditation.”

Steves energetic healing technology and his approach to holistic patient care is both inspiring and refreshing. He is an honourable man with great integrity and it is great to have him walking lightly beside me taking care of guests that are going through great transformational changes both physically and emotionally on retreats. His sessions also work strongly in supporting the naturopathic elements of the program.

Sarah Foley – White Lotus Cleansing Retreats

I first met Steve and received some sound therapy 5 years ago. Early in 2014, I had some cancer and decided to take further supporting treatments in Australia after my surgery. I contacted Steve last minute during the Christmas and New Years holidays and he was very accomodating to see me and reopened his practice so that he could work with me. I was also very fortunate to find a great Integrative Doctor and took treatment from Steve using NES and other energy medicine. Steve shared his findings with Dr Dzung Price and was also able to help me greatly to understand the potential origins of my illness and how it may stem from my thinking and energtic balance. I am in full recovery and now I also have a great, go foward plan for 2015. I am very gratefull for the gentle and caring space that Steve provided. Without hesitation I recommend you work with Steve and his amazing and varied experience, machines and modalities.

Maria Rosa Varo – Spain

Steve Syms has a way of presenting complex and in depth information, in a way that a lay person can easily comprehend.

Within his modality of health, Steve’s diagnostic approach is extremely intuitive and proven himself to be extraordinarily accurate. You eventually realise that he has a broad past experience and he has a vast database of information to access.

Clearly, Steve is a holistic practitioner and as a client one feels that Steve sees you more as a friend than merely a client, he exudes a genuine presence of care and compassion.

He utilises a mix metaphysical methodology together with high tech healing devices as a blend of old and new.
It works. He gets results. He got me sorted. I would recommend Steve Syms to anyone seeking balance of health within life.

Much respect and gratitude.

Rick – Perth – Australia