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The future is not what it used to be

Personal Outlook

If you have delved this far into my site I guess you might want to know more about me

My personal goal is to support transformation and change in others

I wish to share my experiences my passions and many new findings or the rediscovery of older wisdoms that you can use in your life. Through this site is my desire to share and guide you with you some of the less usual places and or things that I have found to promote your health and or provide support when life presents you with challenges.

I seek to support myself firstly but with empathetic compassion I would like support others in having balance and fulfillment in life.

As a step to get clear about my own life, I journalled this – 7 Dec 2008 -

“I should never work again, just do what I love” I am still on the journey

After serious illnesses, broken relationships, a wild but stressful global career, many entrepreneurial pursuits and fights with my own, resistance, mortality and a roller coaster ride of financial stability/instability. I feel I have a bit to share and want to support your journey.

Maybe you’re in crisis, out of balance, want to reduce stress or be the best or stay at the top of your game or just at a turning point. I continuing my own search for fulfilment and will continue to grow and offer services that I hope become a bridge for people to go look in new places for answers and support.

Not a life coach, more so a life concierge. How you live your life is your choice after all, I hate being told but I do love to choose and have options. Maybe I present you with some choices.

“Choice not chance determines your destiny” has been a personal mantra for many years"

With personal experience and I hope to be your personal concierge, support, practitioner in guiding you to approaches and tools which I became aware of when all else had failed for me on my personal recovery journey.

I think we all have something we want to loose out of our life and we all have a vision of where we would like ourselves to be or what we would like to gain in life.

Through my personal experience with Traditional Medicine, Next Generation Medical Technologies, Integral/Quantum Medicine, Psychology, Emotional Release Techniques, Vibrational Medicine and exploration of Mysticism. I hope to meet you and share some useful approaches to supporting your own transformations around; Pain reduction/Health Challenges, Stress reduction, Thinking, Career, Energy Levels, Relationships, Creative expression and more.

Maybe you can share back and help me on my joirney?

We all know the same inputs, patterns and actions create the same outcomes. So I ask you if you want change in your life, why not change the way or where you look for starters?