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Voicebio – Bioharmonic Scan

VoiceBio - Harmonic Scan

Kathryn Thompson conceived this therapy and technology over the past 15 years or more.
BioHarmonics is a "non-invasive" technology using sound to strengthen the body, boost the immune system, restore vital energy to help maintain or return wellness.

A sample of your voice will be taken and deciphered and then plotted on a computer-generated graph. Working with the principle that all living things have energy, the voice print vibrations give an indication to which parts of the body, mind, spirit and emotions are lacking energy.

Distortion in the voiceprint or the outlook that a person is missing a frequency/note in their analysis gives us an indication you might say that this aspect of your being isnt singing as a part of the bodies harmonic choir as I like to think of it.

From this visibility, we can create a sonic healing plan. We also have utlised this approach to have instruments tuned such that the instruments are conceivabably healing the player and the audience at the same time.

The therapy of BioHarmonics is easy and painless. Clients of BioHarmonics can take varied approaches in applying the results of their scan. Listening to sounds or frequencies and or targeting this potentially supplements,foods etc are just some options. For some its a way of tuning up what they are already doing for a more personalised algnment , for others its the beginning of setting direction for their overall lifestyle.

Note: it is important if you come for a session you do not eat or drink 1 hr prior to your recording.